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"...I was wearing a veil..."

(Sample attire)

Demographic info:


How would you categorize the incident?

Physical harassment, Verbal harassment

Is the culprit somebody you(the victim) know?

One of them yes, others are strangers ​

Were there any bystanders?


Was this case reported?


Was the culprit legally prosecuted?


Any other details to share?

The first time it happened during my commute to my college. It was in a train where it was pack of people going to work. In the morning. I was standing still then I feel a movement of a hand on my back. Tracing from my spine to my bum. I couldn’t do anything I was crying but no one saw it as I was wearing a veil to cover my face. It was an old man. The second time was in a bus, I was sitting. On my way to class. I felt a hand playing with my head and when I turn around, I saw an middle age man playing with his private part while looking sharp into my eyes. I was shook and get out of the bus immediately. A few times of getting catcalled by men saying how big my breasts are, how they would fantasize my face and body and how beautiful my eyes are. The third case was I was sexually harassed by my stepfather. He touched my breasts a lot with an excuse of he wants to teach me how to make my breasts firmer. He touched (it happened in 2013 when I was 17) my private part twice when my mom is not around. He said it was a lesson so I know how to make myself ready for my (future) husband. I can’t say anything to my mom then. She was madly in love with him. But the story was revealed by my sis when she’s getting a divorce.​

What do you think would be most effective in preventing rape and sexual harassment?

Tougher laws and enforcement, Sex education in school, Public awareness campaigns on rape, Improving public safety.

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