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"..They were targeting college students.."

(Sample attire.)

(Victim's note: "Actual attire is with the police/prosecutor in evidence. This is the closest approximation. Cut-off muscle tee and baggy jeans. Very androgynous outfit.")

Demographic info:

Female, 20, Malaysian, Islam

How would you categorize the incident?

Rape, Abduction, Robbery, Assault

Is the culprit somebody you(the victim) know?


Were there any bystanders?

Abducted with boyfriend at the time. He was held hostage so I wouldn't fight back.

Was this case reported?


Was the culprit legally prosecuted?

After going to court for 6 years, the two rapists received 16 years. I do not know what happened to the 2 other men who were involved in the abduction and robbery.

Any other details to share?

Abducted in SS15, taken to Port Klang. Happened as we were walking to dinner at the local mamak. They were targeting college students. Reported to Subang police station, was driven to Klang to report the rape there. Klang police were excellent and very respectful and sensitive, especially Inspector Norfaurizan, who was the female special case officer assigned to my case.

What do you think would be most effective in preventing rape and sexual harassment?

Sex education in school, Public awareness campaigns on rape, Gender equality and awareness campaigns targeted towards men, teach them not to rape.

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