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"...we should play a game..."

(Sample attire)

Demographic info:

Female, 4, Malaysian, Islam

How would you categorize the incident?

It's extreme physical harassment that was ALMOST leading to rape. He got me undressed, did some weird stuffs and all but didn't get to rape me because someone knocked on the front door.

Is the culprit somebody you(the victim) know?


Were there any bystanders?

The people(his family) who knocked on the front door I guess but they didn't know what happened.

Was this case reported?


Was the culprit legally prosecuted?


Any other details to share?

It was during the day and I was visiting my friend's house but no one but except for her brother was there. He said I should wait inside until my friend got home.. He suggested we should play a game called "Rogol" . I was too young to even know what rape/rogol even means and the lil me was confused during the whole incident because I didn't know what he's doing was wrong, I didn't know strangers shouldn't touch/kiss you at weird places because I was only a mere child. He said it should be a secret so the lil naive me never told anyone about it. And when I grew up and finally understood his ill intentions, it was already too late because it has been years since the incident and his whole family already moved far away.

What do you think would be most effective in preventing rape and sexual harassment?

Tougher laws and enforcement, Sex education in school, Public awareness campaigns on rape, Improving public safety, Parents/Caretakers should teach their children from a very young age about rape awareness and to not let strangers touch them at weird places. Kids are naive, they will not know what's right or wrong until you've told them about it.

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