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What Were You Wearing? 

This is an online exhibition that attempts to answer one of the most difficult questions victims often face when reporting rape and sexual harassment in Malaysia. Following the example of similar projects in other countries, this exhibit addresses sexual crimes and rape culture specifically in Malaysia.

It must be understood that such crimes cannot be discussed without debunking the myth that a victim's attire is the main contributing factor to rape and sexual harassment. These are crimes of dominance and opportunity, and as these stories show, it could happen to almost anyone. 

Another consequence of rape culture and lack of public awareness is a low number of reported cases, as victims fear ridicule and stigma, or are unaware that a serious crime has been committed. This results in the lack of a comprehensive statistical database, forcing enforcers, researchers and advocates to extrapolate based on victim interviews and case studies while further complicating discussions as well as prevention efforts. This project also attempts to give some input to the discussion in the context of Malaysia.

Respondents were asked to submit pictures of either the actual attire or a similar sample image found online, accompanied with details of the incident(s). All images were submitted via an online survey, with consent requested for public display of respondent demographic details. Most images were edited to improve quality and to hide any recognisable features at the request of the respondents. They were also surveyed on what they believed are the most effective methods to prevent rape and sexual harassment.

Have you been a victim of rape and sexual harassment in Malaysia? Click the button below to share your story, or on behalf of a victim. 

- Rape Watchdog

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Rape Watchdog

Rape Watchdog is a social media account advocating against Malaysia's rape culture problem. As Twitter is mostly an open public platform, Rape Watchdog sniffs around for any signs of tweets containing rape threats, unwelcome sexual advances, sexual harassment, misogyny, victim blaming, pedophilia, child marriage, and other rape culture speech, whether direct or suggestive. Facts, news reports, and relevant discussions are also shared to educate the public.

A single "WOOF" is a warning against rape culture speech, sometimes accompanied with articles to educate any willing reader. A "WOOF WOOF" is a warning of illegal sexual predator activity online and offline, followed by reports and further action where necessary.

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